By: Zan Molko

November 2016

Tags: Toronto Real Estate Trends - Where have all the Sellers gone...

  Toronto 6 December 2016  November's stats are out and I cannot help wondering where all the sellers are. As I reviewed the previous 11 months of 2016 I kept hearing in my head that wonderful folk song originally penned by Pete Seger in 1955 and recorded by numerous artists since. "Where have all the flowers gone" (Here it is by the Kingston Trio) I think I will have to...Read More

By: Zan Molko

October 2016

Tags: Toronto Real Estate Trends...Are we on the edge?

  Toronto 8 November 2016 With the world about to change... are we on the edge? There are more questions than answers, as the Toronto Real estate market continued to defy all odds and reported a record 9,768 sales for the month of October representing an increase of 11.5% versus October 2015. To no one's surprise the largest segment of growth came from Condominiums  simply b...Read More

By: Zan Molko

September 2016

Tags: Toronto Real Estate Trends - It's beginning to look a lot like...

    Toronto 11 October 2016 It's Beginning to look a lot like... There could be a bubble in the Toronto Real Estate Market and the real question may be, will it spring a slow leak or will it be a shocking burst similar to the only other bubble in early 1989.  With the exception of 5 months in late 2008 and early 2009, prices have been rising in the Greater Toronto Real Esta...Read More

By: Zan Molko

Agust 2016

Tags: Toronto Real Estate Trends - August 2016

    Toronto 13 September 2016 And the heat continued both literally and figuratively. A hot weather August matched by the hottest August in Toronto Real estate sales ever. A record 9,813 sales were reported representing an increase of 23.5 percent over the previous August. One should realize however that 2016  had two more working days than 2015. Even after adjusting for the discr...Read More

By: Zan Molko

Toronto Real Estate Trends - July 2016

Tags: New record in properties sold!

  Toronto 12 August 2016 Against all odds, in one of the hottest summers in years, another record is broken on the Toronto Real Estate Market. This is the time when most Canadians are supposed to be on vacation and we have almost the lowest inventory in history, yet just under 10,000 homes were sold in July.  This was the best July on record with 9,989 home sold through the Toronto Real...Read More

By: Zan Molko

June 2016

Tags: Toronto Real Estate Trends - JuNE 2016

    Toronto 12 July 2016, In June of 2015 there were 17,972 homes and condos for sale in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).This year (June 2016), there were only 12,327 for sale. That is only 4 weeks of inventory, 31.4% fewer properties available or simply put, the lowest level of inventory ever witnessed for this time of the year. Consider back in the old days 4- 6 months of inventory wa...Read More

By: Zan Molko

May 2016

Tags: Toronto Real Estate Sales Trends May 2016

    Toronto 7 June 2016: For those of you who remember the days of Vinyl records. I am beginning to sound like a broken record.  (An expression suggesting someone or something that annoyingly repeats itself, as a vinyl record with a scratch). Another record month...Another record month, Another record month... and so on!!!   May 2016 represented "another record mont...Read More

By: Zan Molko

April 2016

Tags: Toronto Real Estate Trends April 2016

  Toronto 17 May, 2016  How low will it go? In these days of ever increasing prices it seems odd to be asking this question. I am referring to the lowest level of inventory in recent history and maybe ever. The first 4 months of the year have seen diminishing numbers of homes and condos for sale culminating in what is just less than 4 weeks of inventory. This is the epitome of supply d...Read More

By: Zan Molko

March 2016

Tags: Toronto Real Estate Trends - March -2016

  Toronto 19 April, 2016   Demand for homes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has outpaced supply to new record heights. In many situations would be home owners have had to experience fierce competition in order to acquire that elusive home. With almost the lowest inventory ever in March, the listings to sales ratio dropped to the lowest ever, experienced in Toronto.  In other wo...Read More

By: Zan Molko

February 2016

Tags: Toronto Real Estate Trends - February 2016

    Toronto 8 March, 2016  Explosive...I have run out of words... I have also run out of hyperboles. The prices increased on average from February 2015 - February 2016 by +15%. (Well technically 14.94%) This is the largest year over year increase for February in history. This is even after taking into account that we had an additional day to account for, with it being leap year. T...Read More