Are you ready?

Most people believe that there are set cycles in the Toronto Real Estate Market. The truth is there are only slight seasonal shifts. Almost anytime is a good time to get into or out of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) property market. It will depend on your personal needs and wants and most importantly when you are ready.

Right now we are approaching the spring market, with limited supply and the unprecedented effect of a Pandemic.

Even with the current and ever-changing lockdowns, there is still time to get your home or condo on the market and or to start making real plans to be in a home for the summer. Maybe, start now. You will notice that inventory while increasing is still historically low. This is still a strong seller's market but winds of change are beginning to blow in some neighbourhoods.

If you are a buyer you should be doing the same thing.

1. Make sure you have mortgage pre-approval.

2. Know your home types and neighbourhoods.

3. Know your comfort levels for monthly payments and the down payment.

4. Know your closing costs.

5. Be on a daily search system

6. Know about Inspections and lawyers

7. Know who you can trust

If you are not, there are hundreds of other buyers out there who are, and they will get the first shot at whatever comes their way because they are ready

Are you?

If not and you would like to be, let's talk here!