If the numbers don't add up...


Sometimes, no matter how you do the numbers, you just might not be ready for the home in your desired neighbourhood.


So, then what?


Do you quit looking and continue paying your Landlord's mortgage, or do you get smart and start looking for another neighbourhood?


You have likely heard the expression that the 3 rules of real estate are location, location and location. That does not mean there is only one kind of location for everyone. It means that location is the most important criteria that fits your budget. This is where I come in. Just last month I helped a young couple buy their first home in a neighbourhood they had never even heard of. It was the difference between buying a home or continuing to pay rent.


So, check out the communities page and explore a few neighbourhoods and then call me. Or, better yet, call me and I can help find you the right neighbourhood to fit your price.