Is It the Worst Time or Best Time?


Why is it that the worst time of the year is most often the best time for active Real Estate Buyers? The holiday season and the months that follow,"the worst weather months" in our climate, are generally considered the worst time of the year for buying or selling real estate.

This is one of those urban myths... for history has proven that the distraction-packed months, November to February, offer substantial advantages for astute and resolute buyers.

The biggest single advantage for buying in the "worst times" is that the those sellers who have their homes on the market at that time are normally really serious about selling. Motivated sellers are far more willing to negotiate terms in an offer and often have compelling reasons to hasten the sale. Asides from getting a better price, you could get your preferred closing and or more inclusions.

There is also lack of competition. You will avoid the herd of buyers who are active during the traditional "good weather" house shopping months, starting with the spring frenzy of home buying. Although there may be increased inventory in April/May, competition for properties has previously shown that buyers pay more, lose out on good-value listings, and receive less attention from swamped real estate and mortgage professionals.

Additionally, there is a practical side to viewing homes in the "worst time." Take a drive by houses after a fresh snowfall and you'll discover which ones are well insulated (snow on roof) and which are losing heat (melted snow). Spend time in a house on a cold day and determine how well the furnace heats the entire home. When a furnace is replaced, the duct work is not always adequately retrofitted. Is it noticeably colder in the back rooms? How's the second floor and the bathrooms? View a house on a very windy day and drafts, insufficient insulation, and poorly-sealed windows and doors will be revealed.Touring Condos and town homes during the holiday season, when parties and cooking are popular activities, will let you witness how far noise and smells travel in the building and into the suite or townhome you're considering.

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