Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Mac R.

Thank you very much for marketing and helping us with achieving the sale of our home, well above the listing price and our expectation. I now understand and appreciate what a very knowledgeable, hard working and a caring listing agent can do for her/his client. You made the difference between withdrawing the listing and the sale. I must state that your early involvement during renovation stage was an added value for me to carry out the renovation tastefully to make the product appealing to buyers. My family and I highly appreciate your valuable advice and guidance throughout the process from renovation to achieving the sale.

By: Lynn. K

Thank you for everything Zan. I have to confess that this move and estate sale was more emotionally draining than I imagined it would be. Thank you for being there to pick up the pieces. I really appreciate you being there for me when I needed you most

By: Bob. H

First, I wanted to thank you for the absolutely first class job you did in representing myself and my family at a time when we really didn't need any more stress. You spent a good deal of time with us ensuring that details and procedures were clear, necessary paper work was completed and required background work finished. The exercise was indeed an enlightenment for me. The "high tech" world of talking signs, internet photos, virtual house tours and potential buyer online feedback showed just how far the process of selling a home has gone. The legwork of accumulating house data ranging from taxes and utility bills to local home sale values opened my eyes to just how complex an effective home sale is. I consider us fortunate to have had you onside as our representative. I guess that is all I have in me tonight. As you know, this is the eve of the transfer of the house to the new owners. It is with mixed but grateful feelings that I will awake tomorrow with a difficult time in my family's life neatly tied up and put to rest. Thank you for your role in that process

By: Norm. K

I just want to let you know that not only are you a fine gentleman, but you are absolutely the best real estate person that I have ever met in my entire life. Sometimes it is good to hear that from other people. You did a tremendous job selling this property. I think it is a fair price of the market. I think you are right… and you got it and within 48 hours. So good for you, you should be proud of yourself… and I hope you are.

By: Russell & Leanne Percival

We would like to thank you for your dedicated service and a great result. Initially we decided to give you the listing of our home for two main reasons (i) Your enthusiastic appreciation of the style of our home and the ways to market it and (ii) secondly we believed that your company would have access to a broader range of quality purchasers. Not only were our thoughts realized but they were surpassed but your continued dedication, understanding of the market, excellent communication and updates and the manner in which you professionally dealt with all parties. We again sincerely thank you and look forward to working with you again in the future